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Red berries, refreshing citrus, sweet cinnamon, fragrant orange blossom, wild fruit aromas, shiny tropical notes…

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Scenting botanical seed from the south of Asia and Central America, that brings strong citrus and slightly spicy notes to your cocktails.
Perfect pairing both with dry and spicy Gins.

Cassia Cinnamon

Maybe the most exotic and well-known botanical.
Cassia cinnamon has a sweet and spicy flavour that perfectly matches with spirits: gin, vodka, rum, vermouth…
Just infusionate a stick of Cassia Cinnamon, marinate and grater it… it boots your drink with an extraordinary fragance and bouquet


Seeds of this botanicals from South America are increasingly present in mixology.
Add a tart and strong note to your drink: grated or infusionated, cocoa is perfect for rum and vodka pairing.
On whisky cocktails, the taste is incredible and amazing, astonishing.


Botanical beans from South America, with a characteristic aroma and taste: energetic, strong, bitter…
Infusionated or marinated, coffee beans bring intense nuances that enhance flavours of rum, vodka and whisky.
If you want a sparkling aroma and an espectacular taste, just grate it: you will enjoy the amazing result.

Dehydrated orange

Authentic Mediterranean… sweet, citrus, aromatic and with a mild refreshing flavour that reminds summer.
It is perfet for mixers and spirits pairing. It is also the perfect match for your vermouth.
Sliced, twisted… orange brings wonderful colour nuances and flavours to your cocktails.


Botanical from the south of Asia that add citrus aroma to your drinks.
Exotic, with spicy notes, enhances spirits when macerated.
Grated, infusionated, macerated… a boost of flavour.


This is one of the most exotic roots; with an intense flavour, fresh, bitter and a little bit sweet…
Ginger perfectly matches with gins, vodkas and whisky.
It brings a spicy aromatic touch that boots the taste of your cocktails.


Petals and flower that add redish nuances to your cocktails, with a very slight aroma of tropical forest.
Add a delicate fruity note, very mild and smooth, that reminds to red berries and that perfectly matches with acid fruits.
Infusionate on your preferred spirit to add an extra elegat touch to your drinks.

Jamaican pepper

Characteristic flavour that reminds to cinnamon, nutmeg and juniper, Jamaican pepper is perfect to add aroma and extra flavour to dry classic gins, spicy rums…
Just add the corns or mix them with other botanicals, Jamaican pepper add amazing exotic nuances to your cocktails.


Flowers of fragrant Jasmine; with a very intense and sweet aroma.
When pairing with spirits, Jasmine flowers boost your drink with aromas that remind you beautiful sunsets.
Amazing, try it in your cocktails.


Intense, bitter, with citrus nuances a little bit sweet.
It matches with all kind of gins, boosting the bitter bouquet of these spirits.

Long pepper

Imported from Java, this exotic botanical adds citrus aromas, intense and strong, to create astonishing cocktails.
Fruity and fresh flavour, spicy and sweet at the same time, it is perfect for pairing with strong spirits.
Grate it for extra aroma and flavour.


Flowers and petals bringing violet and blue nuances to your drinks.
Also adds a slight fruity and floral aroma.

Orange blossom

The most Mediterranean and delicate aroma.
Aromatic petals, with a citrus and floral fragance that transport you to summer sunsets.
Orange blossom matches with all kind of Gins.

Persian roses

Sensual aromas, delicate frangances for an elegant botanical.
Combine with mild Gins, a little bit floral, and discover amazing scents.

Piperita mint

Characteristic aromas and flavours for one the basic ingredients of mixology.
Its frangance is sweet and spicy, easy to recognize; its taste, full of nuances, stimulating… perfect for astonishing combinations.
Add to your whisky cocktails… just amazing.

Rose pepper

Bright red coloured botanical, with a citrus and sweet taste.
In a mixture with other peppers, it enhances the flavour of spirits, creating strong tasted cocktails.

Star anise

Dehydrated flower, with a sweet aroma that reminds to liquorice roots, slightly spicy.
Star anise is perfect for pairing with aromatic Gins, mild Vodka and Vermouth.

Rose petals

Add light floral touches to your drinks by macerating the rose petals.
It also brings slight rose nuances that, with the marvellous frangance of roses, fill your cocktail with delicate aromas.

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